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HFS Digital Roundtables

HFS Digital Roundtables are facilitated topic-based learning events exclusively for enterprise buyer senior executives. These meetings will research new ideas and technologies, test theories and discuss how you can move your key projects forward.

These digital meetings are an opportunity to collectively debate critical issues in an open but confidential environment, directly from the comfort of your own office or home.

Upcoming Digital Roundtables
*these events are exclusively for senior enterprise buyer executives only

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June 16, 2021
10am ET/3pm GMT to 1pm ET/6pm GMT

Service Transformation: Putting the Customer at the Center of your business

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hosted by Phil Fersht with guests

Melissa O'Brien 
VP of Research
HFS Research

Rajesh Khanna,
SVP and Global Lead, Digital Sales and Alliances

When the pandemic thrust customer and business interaction fully remote, it exposed many inefficiencies and broken processes in customer service. Customer experience is a leading competitive differentiator, and so CX and customer trust are at the top of CXO’s “fit for purpose” measurements that will help businesses survive and thrive in the future. As a critical element of CX, the contact center has become a focal point of modernization and transformation efforts. What’s more, the ideal service model foundation is one that is well-positioned for continuous improvement while keeping costs of change to a minimum.

Join senior executives for a candid discussion about:
  • What does your contact center transformation roadmap look like – what really needs to get done?
  • How can you leverage existing and new technologies to integrate data, and create seamless journeys across channels and platforms?
  • How can you truly put the customer at the center of your business?
  • Enterprise best practices to align EX and CX for competitive differentiation
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June 30th, 2021
2pm CET to 5pm CET

Designing for Data: The Way Forward For Digital Operations In The Nordics

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hosted by Saurabh Gupta with guests

Brijesh Patel
VP - Head of Business Services & Product Strategy for Nordics

Reetika Fleming
VP of Research
HfS Research

Nigel Edwards
Chief Client Officer

Don Ryan
SVP of Research
HFS Research

Data transformation, process harmonization, and native automation are emerging as the key “have-to-haves” for enterprise leaders in the Nordics. Most ambitious organizations want to make progress on their digital operations maturity, but few have fully realized their visions for business transformation. Our research suggests that data-driven operational workflows in the cloud is the future for Nordics enterprises, especially for enabling business functions including finance and accounting, procurement, supply chain, HR, and customer service. As one Head of Shared Services shared with us, "As shared services, one of our contributions is to be a data quality guardian - data and data quality are more important than ever.”

Join senior Nordics executives for an energizing roundtable discussion about:

  • How can we build data at the core of our operational processes?
  • How do we develop an ecosystem approach that brings us the best capabilities to address the
  • rising need for data, automation, and smarter processes?
  • Enterprise best practices on the road to OneOffice

Past Digital Roundtables

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