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HFS Digital Roundtables

HFS Digital Roundtables are facilitated topic-based learning events exclusively for enterprise buyer senior executives. These meetings will research new ideas and technologies, test theories and discuss how you can move your key projects forward.

These digital meetings are an opportunity to collectively debate critical issues in an open but confidential environment, directly from the comfort of your own office or home.

Upcoming Digital Roundtables
*these events are exclusively for senior enterprise buyer executives only

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July 22, 2021
10am-1pm ET / 3pm-6pm GMT

Insource vs. Outsource - it ain't as simple as that!

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hosted by Phil Fersht with guests

Don Ryan
SVP of Research
HFS Research

David Lumley
Head of Finance Transformation,
Business Services

Nigel Edwards
Chief Client Officer
HFS Research

Pierre-Louis Seguin
Global Sales Officer

For decades now we have been talking about in-house vs outsource delivery models polarising opinion between the DIY experts and the builders.

Yet today’s environment is forcing a genuine shift in mindset and attitude towards services relationships, shared services and enabling technologies. Make, buy, partner or acquire? Do we really care who does the work so long as it meets client expectations? Or will we revert to type once the pandemic dust settles?

Make, buy, partner, acquire. Join senior executives for a candid discussion about:

  • Sourcing: What's the winning operating model: GBS versus Outsourcing versus hybrid?
  • Data, processes, and automation: How we combine these powerful change agents?
  • People, data and change management: Are we ready to weave some magic?
  • Governance: Will we break down the silos, or are we just paying lip-service?
  • Digital Transformation: All talk or is it happening?
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September 8th, 2021
10 am ET / 3pm  GMT - 1 pm ET / 6 pm GMT

Realizing the Value of Transformational Technologies: Your Action Plan to Make your Procurement Vision a Reality

supported by Globality


hosted by Saurabh Gupta with guests

Keith Hausmann
Chief Revenue Officer,

Reetika Fleming
VP of Research
HfS Research

Ramanan Rajagopalan
Research Director

Mita Gupta
SVP Business Development

The mandate for procurement organizations is clear. Cost reduction and spend deflation alone no longer ensures success; creating value for the enterprise is equally and increasingly more important. Procurement needs speed, innovation, and the insights and intelligence to make this goal a reality. The result is an increase in urgency for companies to accelerate the digital transformation of sourcing and procurement capabilities to drive growth and value.

Despite the promising use cases, fewer than 5% of the emerging technologies (e.g., AI, ML, blockchain) initiatives within sourcing and procurement have scaled. Overall utilization and satisfaction around the use of transformational technologies in sourcing and procurement services continues to be minimal at best. We know that we need technology to survive and thrive, yet many are struggling to realize the anticipated benefits and potential that these technologies can provide.

Join leading sourcing and procurement executives for an engaging discussion and walk away with key actions you can take to:

  • How can we build data at the core of our operational processes?
  • How do we develop an ecosystem approach that brings us the best capabilities to address the
  • rising need for data, automation, and smarter processes?
  • Enterprise best practices on the road to OneOffice

Past Digital Roundtables

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