HFS Virtual Roundtable 
Pivoting with Paradigm Shock

May 27, 2020
10am ET/3pm BST

Today’s organizations are on a burning platform to evaluate how they operate globally, one that requires massive flexibility and adaptation across business models and execution. This crisis vastly accelerated the digital-first environment, dramatically cutting redundancies and improving processes at scale in IT and business operations. Leaders have entered into a Stabilization phase, developing contingencies and determinations on what areas of the business to protect and where to pivot, changing priorities of the business in a rapidly changing market. Within this context, HFS lays out Four Phases of Response to the pandemic: Crisis, Stabilization, Realization, and the fourth phase yet to emerge: Unleashing People, for the links between CX and EX have never been tighter. Join this roundtable session to discuss:


The latest data from 630 enterprises on what's actually happening, including market forecasts and significant growth sectors in business operations and IT services


What you can expect across the Four Phases of Response to this pandemic – and what you can do about it


How to unleash your people with an “experience” architecture, where aligning customer, employee and partner experiences is the centerpiece of the strategy

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Who is eligible?

 In an effort to keep these events high-level, intimate and private, HFS Virtual Roundtables are open to enterprise buyer senior executives only. Only 15 executives max will be accepted to the event, but there will be a waitlist and if a spot opens up, we will contact the next person on the list immediately.