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HFS Virtual Roundtable
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Reshaping the future of integrated automation in this new reality

July 29, 2020
10am ET/3pm BST to 12:30 ET/5:30pm BST

If there’s ever been a time we needed a digital workforce to augment humans, it’s now. However, we’ve seen far less scale of Triple-A Trifecta (automation, AI, and smart analytics) technologies than we’d like (and need). Despite having spent the better part of a decade investing in digital transformation and loads of slick emerging technologies, we missed the boat on addressing process debt and replacing moldy legacy systems. The global pandemic is making us realize just how reliant we still are on humans and antiquated processes and technology. Thus, here we are, knee-deep in the most widespread operational crisis in modern business history, and we’re being laid low by our unwillingness to change how we execute work. The burning platform for automation has arrived, and it’s literally ablaze. Join this roundtable session to discuss:

The pre-pandemic reality check on integrated automation adoption
What's the now reality of integrated automation - is there enough scale to help?
How we need to reshape the post-pandemic path forward for integrated automation.

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Who is eligible?

For this specific roundtable we are only accepting applicants from the United States and the United Kingdom. In an effort to keep these events high-level, intimate and private, HFS Virtual Roundtables are open to enterprise buyer senior executives only. There is a limit to the executives that will be accepted to the event, but there will be a waitlist and if a spot opens up, we will contact the next person on the list immediately if a spot opens up.