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HFS Digital Roundtable
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2021: How to achieve the automation scale imperative

September 30, 2020
10am ET/3pm BST to 1:00pm ET/6pm BST

While the pandemic created the burning platform for automation, it did not magically drive scale. There is still loads of heavy lifting to be done to industrialize automation programs and make them pervasive throughout the enterprise. Join our Digital Roundtable for a unique opportunity to preview HFS’ latest research and collectively problem solve automation scale or fail challenges with your industry peers. Join senior executives for an open discussion about:

What did we learn from the pandemic?
What must be true to achieve success in 2021?
How do we make automation pervasive across our enterprise?

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Who is eligible?

For this specific roundtable we are only accepting applicants from the United States and the United Kingdom. In an effort to keep these events high-level, intimate and private, HFS Digital Roundtables are open to enterprise buyer senior executives only. There is a limit to the executives that will be accepted to the event, but there will be a waitlist and if a spot opens up, we will contact the next person on the list immediately if a spot opens up.