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HFS Digital Roundtable
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Achieving Digital Nirvana - the 5 automation "have to haves"

October 28, 2020
10am ET/2pm BST to 1:00pm ET/5pm BST

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The forced change of the pandemic and continued uncertainty are altering enterprises’ investment priorities. The new mandate is accelerated digital transformation enabled by data, automation, and a clear “use what you have first” approach. Enterprises must get the automation “have-to-haves” right to break down inefficient siloes and achieve success. Join our Digital Roundtable for a unique opportunity to preview HFS’ latest research and collectively problem solve digital acceleration challenges with your industry peers. Come channel your Churchill with us as we address:

How the pandemic made digital meaningful again. (Pandemic impacts, study findings, and the OneOffice)
The five automation “have-to-haves” and how they enable the OneOffice (use the break outs to discuss several of the have-to haves)
Making automation native. Enterprise best practices on the road to the OneOffice. (potential to get an enterprise speaker from our network to talk about their journey)

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Who is eligible?

In an effort to keep these events high-level, intimate and private, HFS Digital Roundtables are open to enterprise buyer senior executives only. Only 18 executives max will be accepted to the event, but there will be a waitlist and if a spot opens up, we will contact the next person on the list immediately.